Carbon Offset Scheme

We are planting Mangrove Trees in the tropic wetlands to help offset our carbon emissions, support wild life diversity, improve coastlines, and provide meaningful wages to the local indigenous population!

At UKCS Group, we are deeply committed to environmental responsibility and recognise the adverse effects of carbon emissions resulting from our delivery operations. In response, we have forged a strategic partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects via TheGoodAPI to address climate change proactively. Leveraging the potent tool of reforestation, we are dedicated to significantly reducing carbon emissions, thereby advancing towards a sustainable future.

Our dedication goes beyond merely planting trees. It's about catalysing positive change across ecosystems and communities. Here's a deeper look at our impact so far:

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But it's about more than just planing trees. Its about:

Reviving natural habitats

We are actively engaged in the restoration of natural habitats, particularly through our focus on mangrove tree planting in Madagascar. By reintroducing mangrove ecosystems, we are fostering biodiversity, creating resilient habitats for various species, and restoring crucial coastal ecosystems. This initiative not only revitalises degraded areas but also enhances the overall health and resilience of local ecosystems, contributing to the conservation of biodiversity and the protection of vulnerable coastal communities.

Improving coral reef health

We are dedicated to enhancing coral reef health through targeted efforts. By supporting mangrove tree planting, we bolster coastal resilience and reduce sedimentation and pollution runoff, thus safeguarding coral reef ecosystems. Additionally, mangroves serve as natural buffers against storm surges and ocean acidification, fostering conditions conducive to coral growth and regeneration. Through these actions, we actively contribute to the preservation and restoration of vital coral reef ecosystems, ensuring their long-term health and sustainability.

Supporting local livelihoods

We prioritise supporting local livelihoods alongside environmental conservation efforts. Through our schemes, we create sustainable economic opportunities for coastal communities. By involving local residents in tree planting and conservation activities, we empower them with skills and resources to improve their livelihoods while fostering environmental stewardship. These projects often provide alternative income sources, reduce dependency on environmentally harmful practices, and enhance community resilience to climate change impacts. Our commitment to supporting local livelihoods ensures that our environmental initiatives contribute positively to the well-being and prosperity of the communities we engage with.

Why Trees Matter

The trees we plant with Eden Reforestation Projects support wild life diversity, improve coastlines and provided meaningful wages to indigenous population. Our primary endeavour centers on the restoration of mangrove forests in Madagascar which are an incredible carbon sink. This strategic focus not only revitalises fragile ecosystems but also serves as a potent weapon against climate change.

Did you know? A single tree can absorb approximately 300 kilograms of carbon dioxide throughout its lifespan. By actively engaging in tree planting initiatives and supporting reforestation projects, we're actively contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions on a tangible scale.

Impact of planting Mangrove trees

Mangroves are unique ecosystems found throughout a wide range in the tropics and occupying the intertidal areas of more than 120 countries. Mangroves, and coastal wetlands in general, are globally important for the many services they provide to humans and the planet. These services include protection against storm surges, sheltering nurseries for fish and other marine life, providing building materials, firewood, and providing critically important services to stabilising the global climate as an important store of carbon.

Mangroves, an incredible carbon sink!

With the rapid increase in greenhouse gas emissions over the last century, the need for enduring carbon sinks has grown. The latest models suggest that to remain within “acceptable” global temperature increase, it is no longer enough to simply reduce emissions, and protect existing forests, but rather that we need to rapidly increase the ability to sequester carbon. Globally, mangrove systems are estimated to hold an astounding 20 petagrams of carbon. For a biome representing less than 5% of the world’s terrestrial area, this makes mangroves one of the most important carbon stocks, even more than many rainforests like the Amazon. Equally, as a relatively fast-growing group of species, mangroves sequester carbon at a very fast rate.

Help support wildlife and diversity

As forests are destroyed, wildlife species lose their natural habitat, forcing them to relocate, limiting their ability to survive. Madagascar is one of the world’s greatest conservation priorities, with over 200 species of mammals, 100 species of lemurs, 300 species of birds, and almost 300 species of amphibians. Around ninety percent of all wildlife in Madagascar is endemic. Our work with Eden protects these wildlife species in Madagascar by restoring their natural habitats.

Mangroves, with their remarkable ability to sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, play a pivotal role in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. For each £50 spent per order on our website we will plant 1 Mangrove tree, its our way of giving back.

We invite you to join us in our noble mission to forge a greener and more sustainable world for generations to come. Together, through our collective efforts, we possess the power to reverse the course of climate change, one tree at a time.

Let's unite to safeguard our planet's future prosperity.